Medical Marijuana Vote Or ‘Yes’ For [Recreational Use

Cannabis Blog Medical Marijuana Vote OR ‘Yes’ For {Recreational} Use?  by Green CulturED GreenCulturED Your Medical Marijuana Vote…  And NOW Recreational Marijuana?! Should recreational marijuana be legalized… And what is your medical marijuana vote going to be??? Public opinion in the United States and several countries in Europe and Latin America are grappling with this … [Read more…]

What Is Medical Marijuana Used For?

Cannabis Blog What Is Medical Marijuana Used For???   Green CulturED What Is Medical Marijuana Used For??? Over the years, organic foods and natural medicine has become popular approach to a healthy lifestyle along with using herbal therapies to relieve everything from chronic pain to depression. Alternative therapies such as: herbs, aromatherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and … [Read more…]

Marijuana History

Cannabis Blog Marijuana History by Green CulturED Brush Up On Your Marijuana History Cannabis and marijuana history (also known as hemp) started where it is indigenous in Central and South Asia. Contemporary uses of cannabis are as a recreational or medicinal drug, and as a part of religious or spiritual rites; the earliest recorded uses … [Read more…]

Our Marijuana Growing School’s 8 Easy Steps

Cannabis Blog Our Marijuana Growing School’s 8 Easy Steps  Green CulturED 8 Steps From Your Marijuana Growing School A lot more states and countries around the world are permitting the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal use and they are turning to marijuana growing schools to get started. There are a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries provide … [Read more…]