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Online Dispensary – Buy weed in Canada

Welcome to TrueMeds…Canada’s #1 choice for purchasing weed and other amazing cannabis related products online!

TrueMeds is dedicated to to legally distribute only the best quality medicinal marijuana products across Canada in a safe and effective way that keeps customers returning. Discretion is assured as your personal information will never be shared with anyone. All medicinal marijuana products are delivered to your door with the highest level of security and trust, giving you peace of mind. Conveniently track your orders with your personal tracking number provided with each order placed, and enjoy the comfort of home service delivery at your discretion.Fast and Efficient Delivered…usually within 3 business days anywhere in Canada. Support is always available to solve any problems quickly. We have you covered.

Here at TrueMeds customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Check out the amazing selection of:

Flowers, Topicals, Capsules and Tinctures and Oils, Vaporizers and THC E-juice, Edibles, Hash, Concentrates and CBD products

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Do you like Flowers? Here are just a few of the flowers currently available!

Deep Space


  • This exclusive flower is described by many as the perfect high. After a hit or two, users generally start to feel a strong cerebral influence along with a feeling of elation and awareness that can increase users ability to focus. This is soon accompanied by noticeable relaxing body high that can amplified senses slowly fading into a feeling of tranquility and well-being. Deep Space buds are medium size and dense covered by a thick layer of crystal trichomes that seep through its surface. As for the taste and smell, it is a treat for any cannabis user to say the least. This strain offers a perfect blend of sweet, fruit and grape flavors flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Deep Space is a perfect tool for individuals who are suffering from appetite loss, mood disorders, pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

Grape Ape

  • Stemming from legendary California genetics, the Grape Ape strain is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid (90% indica, 10% sativa). The strain is often celebrated for its purple hue and its effectiveness in treating chronic pain and insomnia. This indica is also known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety.


  • Nuken is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as cross between the cult favorite God Bud X Kish strains. This potent bud boasts a moderate THC level between 13-25% and has a deliciously enticing aroma and flavor. The aroma of Nuken is that of a sweet marshmallow with a hint of sharp skunk, and the taste is much like a freshly baked marshmallow pie with a hint of skunk upon exhale. Nuken buds have large dense and furry light minty green nugs with a thick layer of dark olive green leaves and sparse fiery orange hairs. Each nug has a fine layer of translucent crystal trichomes and is dripping with sweet sticky visible resin. The Nuken high is characterized by a long-lasting and relaxing buzz that doesn’t leave you sedated and isn’t narcotic in nature. You’ll be hit with a body buzz that starts in your spine and slowly spreads throughout your body, ridding you of any pain. This is accompanied by a deep introspection that can leave you distant and spacey at times. Because of these potent effects, Nuken is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, mild cases of depression, and chronic stress or anxiety.

OG Kush


OG Kush is a cannabis classic, a Southern California original with some of the highest THC levels in the world. With a 55:45 sativa/indica ratio, expect a hard, mixed high with intense euphoria followed by serious couch-lock. The plant’s THC concentration can reach levels as high as 21-24%. The cerebral boost from OG Kush is ideal for depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, while the heavy body high can help with pain and nausea. OG Kush is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Nightmare OG

  • Nightmare OG is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through a potent cross of the infamous OG #18 X White Nightmare strains. This powerhouse bud packs a hard-hitting 28-30% THC level into each tiny little nug and relaxing full-bodied effects that may leave you dazed for hours on end. The Nightmare OG high is said to creep up on you, hitting you a little while after you first toke before launching your mind into a lifted state of cerebral energy. This feeling is very buzzy and may leave you unfocused, which can cause anxiety in some users if you’re not careful. As your mind is catapulted to new dimensions of bliss, your body could be dragged down into a numbingly relaxing body high that leaves you couch-locked and immovable for hours on end. Thanks to these hard-hitting nighttime effects, Nightmare OG is often chosen to treat conditions such as AD or ADHD, migraines or headaches, depression, chronic stress, and pain. This bud has a lemony pine flavor with hints of fresh spicy berries on each exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a woody citrus overtone. Nightmare OG buds have fluffy frosty minty green nugs with fat orange hairs and tiny white crystal trichomes.

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  • Rosin House True is a non-psychoactive, all purpose healing salve. It absorbs directly through the skin for localized pain and inflammation relief. This is a concentrated product that contains 200mg of THC. Massage deeply into problem areas. Wash hands after use. For external use only. 50ml jar.
    Olive oil, Organic Beeswax, Rosin (solvent free cannabis derived extract) Vitamin E

Rosin House Acute Pain Roll On



  • Rosin House Acute is our highly concentrated ointment in a convenient roll on that contains 200mg of THC. This product is effective for headache, muscle cramps, joint pain, tendonitis, bone pain and and may give relief from rheumatism and arthritis. Wash hands after use. For external use only. 10ml roll on.
    Olive oil, Rosin (Solvent free cannabis derived extract) Essential oils of Ginger, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Sunflower Lecithin

Orgasm Oil

The OMNI Orgasm Oil is one of the only lubricants on the market that is condom friendly. It’s main ingredient is castor oil, making it very moisturizing and gentle on your skin. It contains aromatic notes of lavender and ylang ylang with small traces of ginger and peppermint. The ginger and peppermint stimulates blood flow with the warming effect from ginger and the cooling from the peppermint resulting in tingly sensations increasing your pleasure. This lube promotes multiple orgasms for women while prolonging male performance, while intensifying the experience for all the parties.


Lavendar Bath Bomb


  • 65mg of THC from our friends at The Dope Soap!
    The perfect way to relax after a long day. Just unwrap the bomb and toss in warm water to enjoy. Great to relieve muscle tension and stress.
    Cannabis is delivered to your body in a nice warm bath leaving you relaxed with soft skin.
    Essential oils used and all natural products sourced from local companies. There’s more scents available for you to enjoy.

Capsules,Tinctures and Oils

200mg of THC per capsule. *Recommended for high-tolerance patients only*

10 capsules per package, 2000mg THC in total.


Liquified shatter, MCT Oil + Soy Lecithin Gel Cap.

THC Pills can provide the benefits of consuming cannabis without the risk factors associated with smoking it.

Conditions and ailments that may be treated with thc pills include:

– Pain
– Seizures
– Sleep disorders
– Anxiety and Depression
– Cancer and Cancer treatment side effects (primarily Chemotherapy side effects)
– Arthritis
– Headaches

Pill form provides a vehicle for the chemicals to enter the bloodstream and deliver potent treatment favorably. When marijuana is eaten rather than smoked it also produces a stronger and longer lasting effect on the human body. Recently people have spoken to the positive effects of CBD pills and treatment, with little to no THC in the pills. This is maybe fine for some, but their are studies that show the most effective treatments have THC and CBD, such as the Rick Simpson Oil, and other whole plant extracts.


THC pills can be extraordinarily concentrated. In pill form, capsules allow for maximum absorption of THC into the bloodstream, so while quickly addressing discomfort and delivering excellent pain relief for the individual, they can also be formidable. Side effects of taking too much THC can include feelings of paranoia or anxiety, shortness of breath, fast heart rate and even disorientation.

Since the THC chemical can be lost or minimized while smoking cannabis, taking it in a pill form will successfully deliver a fully potent, targeted dosage specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. When these chemicals are exposed to high temperatures, such as when smoking a joint, the chemicals produce byproducts or carcinogens. Pill forms are preferential for this reason.

600 mg Bottle of CBD Capsules


  • 100% decarboxylated hemp based CBD, in an easy to swallow veggie capsule. Vegan friendly!
    30 capsules in each bottle. 20mg per capsule. Total CBD per bottle: 600mg!

200mg THC Tincture

  • 200mg THC Tincture. Potent relief, without the puff. Miss Envy’s line of solvent-free infused oil tinctures offers a clean infusion, in an easy to absorb fashion. Using an MCT base, for natural bioavailability, our tinctures provide positive effects to the metabolism, while carrying the relief of clean cannabis extractions into the system.
    Easy to take as an additive, or sublingually: the child-resistant dropper also offers clean and clear dispensing, will less chance of spill and clearly marked points along the pipette.

Phoenix Tears 1 to 1 CBD THC

  • 1 oral syringe contains 200 mg of CBD and 200 mg of THC per unit.
    Start with a drop half the size of a grain of rice, two or three times a day. Gradually increase dosage at a rate no higher then 0.5 mg of main active ingredient (THC or CBD) per pound of body weight in order to avoid experiencing side effects (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, euphoria and/or anxiety). High dose regiments typically used for instances involving serious pain, sleep disorders, cancer and/or epilepsy tend to be within 1 to 2 mg of main active ingredient per pound of body weight per day.
    **Be very careful when using the applicator. Pull back on the applicator plunger pulling in air and go slowly when dosing!**
    Ethanol is used as an extraction method and it is fully purged out and tested to meet with Health Canada’s Guidelines for acceptable trace amounts.

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Moonrocks (Assorted Strains)

Many have tried it and all have fallen in love with it. Cerebral clarity and an uplifting energy accompany this powerful strain. This will certainly send you into an otherworldly orbit as its pungent fragrance offers notes of woodsy earthiness and of course, blueberries! Great for treating anxiety, depression and mood disorders. You don’t need much to feel the effects as this is a potent punch packed with cannabis buds soaked in hash oil and rolled in kief.

Do not use a grinder. Use a sharp knife or scissors instead to chop up your moonrock into manageable chunks.

Do not use a regular lighter. You’re going to want a sustained, consistent flame. Add to a bowl mixed with dried cannabis or on its own in a glass piece using a dab tool to move around while adding flame.

Walter White Shatter


  • Like many other strong sativas, Walter White is said to hit quickly, exerting a pressure around the eyes and temples. Walter White can also lift mental inhibitions, thereby facilitating creativity for any freewheeling, open-ended projects. Luckily, this strain’s stimulation tends to be more grounded and calm than that of many other sativas, which may allow users to carry on lucid conversations and move about their daily agendas as usual. Walter White may be especially welcome in social situations, where it can break the ice, sparking conversations and camaraderie among like-minded companions. While the high’s latter half comes with a subtle physical relaxation, this body high is not nearly strong enough to couchlock smokers or to derail their built-up motivation. As such, Walter White is best enjoyed as a wake-and-bake treat or an afternoon pick-me-up. If consumed before bed, it’s likely to keep smokers wide awake.
    Walter White can also have many applications for medical cannabis patients. It may help sustain focus and concentrations for those with attention deficit disorders. Its buzzy properties can also temporarily take the edge off of the gloom of mild to moderate stress and depression. Some relief from mild irritations like headaches and nausea is possible as well. Because its cerebral onset can be very intense and disorienting in the wrong circumstances, Walter White is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia.

God’s Green Crack Moonrock 1gm

Moonrocks (also known as cannabis caviar) are a luxury concentrate crafted by using God’s Green Crack cannabis flowers dipped in honey oil and rolled twice in kief. The result, Moonrocks, are a powerful & potent concentrate that is sure to send you to the moon and back!
Directions for use: Break apart moonrocks by hand and distribute a small amount within a cannabis joint or on a water pipe bowl. May stick to some grinders which will make them difficult to clean.
Warning: This product contains high amounts of THC (51%!!!) and will produce psychoactive effects when consumed. Please consume responsibly. Not for oral ingestion.


Molecularly Distilled THC


  • These Diamond Concentrates’ THC Distillate Syringes each contain a gram of THC Blueberry Flavoured Distillate with approximately 91% THC!
    THCA: .04%
    THC: 90.67%
    CBD: .16%
    CBG: 1.45%
    CBN: .28%
    Learn more about distillate and how its made here:


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