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Dispensary Products Now Available!

This Page is intended for persons over the age of 18 Only. We do not cater to minors and do not promote any illegal or unsafe activity whatsoever.


Please take your time and browse the huge selection of available products available to satisfy your needs, whether it’s for medicinal or recreational use purposes, we have full product lines to suit your individual needs. If your looking for something that’s really high in  THC, well there’s a great selection of flowers,concentrates,liquid shatter, hash,oils, THC edibles & more. If you’re looking for pain relief without the “High”, then the CBD products available here are right up your alley! There’s CBD Gummies,brownies,hippy trail-mix, vape juices & there’s even CBD products for your beloved Pets!

Click on in and see for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll be a customer for life! There’s a great selection of products to satisfy any cannabis lover’s cravings. This awesome company is 100% Canadian too, giving you access to BC’s finest products shipped directly to your home usually within 3 business days. No Medical Card  required. Click on an image to enter the dispensary. Thanks and enjoy!



THC EJuice Vape Pen Extra Strength

This THC E-Juice/Vape Pen consists of 50% Shatter and 50% THCD made with 100% Nugg and 100% Organic Solvent. Available in Pink Grapefruit,…


BC Hash

BC Hash

AAA Grade BC hash pressed by a local connoisseur from the Island.

From: $6.50/g

THC Distillate in 1ml syringe

THC Distillate in 1ml syringe

THC Distillate 1ml syringes are available in Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Orange, Anise, Lemon and Non-Flavored. 1ml syringes are great for thos…


White Widow Shatter

White Widow Shatter

From Pure Flower Extracts comes flower-run White Widow Shatter. White Widow holds a pretty balanced 60:40 sativa/indica ratio ( Brazil Sativ…




Amber Kief

Amber Kief

1g vials of Amber Kief. Sprinkle some over a bowl or add to a joint! A perfect addition to any traditional form of smoking cannabis. …


Max Medible Brownie

Max Medible Brownie

Lab tested 80mg THC Ingredients: Golden sugar, wheat flour, cocoa, corn starch, carob powder, salt, sunflower lecithin, medical canna…


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  1. I’m impressed with the great selection of products and the prices are very reasonable. I didn’t even need a credit card to place an order! I recommend your website and this dispensary to anyone who wants high grade stuff cheap!
    Kayla ☺

    1. Hello Don,I can certainly help you out with that. CBD is now very commonly used to treat various types of chronic pain & illnesses. I have many types of products available for both humans and Pets, including gummies,vape juices,cbd oils, stop the itch for dogs & cats etc. Have a look at the CBD products and choose the ones that are right for your particular condition. If you have any further questions,or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for visiting and I hope this helps. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Cory! It means a lot to know that you
      are enjoying the website. There will be lots more posts from the cannabis industry after the holidays! Cheers and thanks again for your support!

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