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Marijuana is finally being accepted not only as a medicine, but recreationally as well. After 95 years of prohibition marijuana will be legal in Canada, and made available to the public late 2018. Even most states in the U.S. are embracing marijuana and it’s medicinal benefits as well as the potential to earn huge revenues from the cannabis industry. Let’s face it, marijuana is here to stay and it’s a great time to get more informed and learn all we can about this fantastic plant.

CannaWeed World was created so we can learn everything we can about marijuana and use this information for personal benefits and to expand your knowledge, or to pursue an exciting new career in the cannabis industry.

This is a blog website that will discuss anything about marijuana, and also provide useful information and resources for obtaining an education, seed banks, online dispensaries, headshop, vaporizers, growing equipment and CBD products & more.

I grew up in Ontario, Canada and first tried marijuana in 1975, at the age of 15, when most weed was imported from Columbia and Mexico. Red or Gold Columbian was the most popular and quite a lot cheaper than today’s prices. Gone are days when you could buy an ounce of Columbian for about 60 bucks! The same ounce would cost on average about 200 bucks today.

There’s so many different strains available and indoor gardening has become the norm. We also have concentrates and oils, edibles, CBD products, capsules and tincture and new products being created daily.

I’m not only helping to educate you, but also educating myself on the many areas surrounding marijuana, including new products and extractions, educational courses, growing tips, and any products or services related to the cannabis industry. It’s an exciting time for anyone who has an interest in marijuana, including medical and recreational for us all to learn together.

Since being diagnosed with lfibromyalgia and neuropathy in 2014, I’ve also become a medical marijuana patient and have been learning about different products and treatments continuously. There will always be something to learn about marijuana and it’s my mission to provide up to date information about everything to do with marijuana and I welcome your contributions and ideas.

Thanks for visiting CannaWeedWorld and Let’s Get Growing! Cheers!

If you ever need any help, please leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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