1. Over here in Australia, marijuana has unofficially (illegally) been used for medical purposes for many years. The beneficial impacts have been so pronounced that people are willing to risk this.

    In particular it has been spectacular in the treatment of epilepsy for children. Children who were constantly fitting, had these reduced to the point they could function.

    Hemp oil has also proven to be wonderful in helping joint aches.

    Medicinal marijuana was legalised, with tight restrictions a couple of years ago but the producers are still jumping through hoops.

    Finally, about the myth of users characteristics. The majority of smokers are not as people think. I have been a professional for many years and a large number of my colleagues enjoyed a puff or three.

    You have a well presented, informative website here. Keep these good articles coming.


    • Thanks for your great comments Helen. Yes it has been proven that hemp oil, and CBD extracted from the marijuana plant, are very important for the treatment of many illnesses and diseases. Opiates will soon be replaced by cannabis products, eliminating addiction and overdoses. I feel that it won’t be long before marijuana is accepted as a legitimate form of medicine worldwide. Thanks again for your awesome comment!

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